We hope that your experience with HealthResource4uStore is as effortless as possible, however, we do acknowledge that questions may arise.

How long are shipping times due to the ongoing conflicts in Europe?

Shipping for US orders will take 7-25+days – Due to high volume of orders, & conflicts!  Until further notice, please check our FAQ Page. we will continuously update it every week!

Shipping for all orders will be delayed due to Lunar year Holidays from 21st January 2023 to 31st January 2023.

For international orders, It depends on the location! Our average delivery time for international orders are 8-28+ days (It could be more or less depending on how your country is handling the ongoing conflicts )

Shipping + Processing Times

Standard Tracked Shipping is 10-25+ Business Days
Express Tracked Shipping is 7-20+ Business Days

After you placed your order, it will be transferred to “Processing“. This processing time means we will begin packaging and scheduling delivery for your order. This can take 2-5 days to complete.
After the “Processing” phase is completed, your order will be ready for shipment. We will send you the tracking number via the email that you used when placing your order.

Please keep track of which email you used when creating your order, this is the only place you can access your order information. We will also create your account at our store website and send you login details over email which you can use to login and check your order details after login into your account.

Since an order needs up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered, please do not email us about delivery times until this time frame has been passed. Please use tracking information to check your package location and delivery time.

Shipping Methods

We use a shipping service called  Yunexpress, and E-packet to ship orders.
We can ship worldwide but mainly to North America, Europe, and Oceania. Shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout page depending on the weight of the package and your destination.
These shipping methods are worldwide shipping options. We use a direct from manufacturer to flight process. This allows us to skip the process of buying stock and filling our domestic warehouse before we start shipping to the customer.
Once the Yunexpress flight reaches the destination country, USPS or your countries postal-service will take over the shipping.
Due to the weight and size of packages, it would be costly for us to send in 1 single package. It’s actually cheaper with our shipping method to send the packages in two or more different packages. This varies from product to product though. In most cases, if the product is small enough, we will ship in the same package. This allows us to have cheaper prices across the store.

Tracking Orders

After we have shipped your order, an email update will be sent titled “Your HealthResource4u Wellness Shop order is now complete”. You will find your tracking number and information inside this email
1) The easiest way to track your order is to click on the tracking ID in the email you received and you will be redirected to tracking page where you can see latest status.
2) You can go to the website www.17track.net/en, paste in your tracking number, and see the status of your shipment.

Tracking updates may be delays when first ordered so please be patient. See Shipping & Processing for more information.

Sometimes orders can become delayed for various reasons. Random checks through customs, weather, postage strikes. Please note that tracking will be updated once your package gets scanned again once it moves to its next storage warehouse on its pathway to you. If your package is delayed due to external shipping companies, there is no way for us to speed this process up for you.

Fee On Delivery

Once your order has been shipped, it is no longer in our control. This means that certain fees can be placed on packages depending on your location. This depends on each shipping company’s policy or customs procedure, you might be charged an extra fee for the final delivery or an import tax. This is probably due to that your shipping address is in a remote area. In this case, please kindly pay them the required fee to receive your order. HealthResource4u will not cover any extra expenses needed to receive orders.

Cancelling An Order

Note: Once your package has been shipped we cannot and will not refund your order. All sales are final. 
You can cancel your order either by login into your account with login details that we have sent when you 1st placed your order with us and navigating to ORDER tab. There you will find your all orders , find your order and if CANCEL button is enabled , then you can press the cancel button to cancel the order or You can  email us within 24 hours of placing your order with the subject line saying “CANCEL”. This will allow us by that term to quickly let our shipping team know to cancel the order. Again, this needs to be done as quickly as possible. This is not a guarantee though, once your package has been paid for and shipped by us we will not process a refund.

Note: – Cancelling Fee of 5% will be deducted from the total refund amount. This fee will be used to process your refund by payment processor.

Payment Methods

You can feel confident in purchasing from HealthResource4u as we accept payment via PayPal and Credit card, Debit, or VISA service provided by PayPal. So you can choose the one that best suits you. Our store currency is USD but prices will be displayed to your local currency based on Geo Location . You can place order in your local currency. If local currency is not supported , then Store currency will be displayed. You can change the currency by selecting currency from drop down tab.
There are a select few, but the one we will run into the most is prepaid visas. Pre paid credit cards will not work on our website and for that we apologize. We are working on getting a system that will process pre-paid cards

Payment Error

This error typically occurs when the billing address entered does not match what is on file with your financial institution.

Firstly, please attempt your order again with updated billing information. Please be informed that you need to match your billing address correctly to the address which you have registered with your card issuer bank. This includes any formatting associated with applicable unit numbers, as well as requiring a full nine-digit zip code for some verification.

Secondly, be advised that every instance in which this error populates results in a pre-authorization, which will simply fall off and never post to your account. For getting better support, please contact your issuer bank to figure it out.

Damaged Items and Returns

At HealthResource4u we try our best to package our products as best as possible, although sometimes, during transit, they may get damaged. If this does happen you can either login into your account and press RETURN button to your order, you will be redirected to return form , fill the details and uploaded damage item photo/video and submit or you can email our support team with photo/video evidence of the damage or defection of the product.

There are 2 options we can offer you:
1) We can ship you another product free of charge
2) You can return the product back to us for a refund within 30 days of receiving your product

If you choose the second option, please contact our support email address at [email protected] for return information and address.

Check here For more information on Refund and Return Policy

HealthResource4u does not accept returned packages unless the item is damaged or defective. We apologize for this but due to our shipping method and business model it will not work. All sales are final. If you do not agree with this, please see our chargebacks and Disputes section within our FAQ.

Wrong Shipping Address

If you applied the wrong shipping address to your order, you will need to contact us immediately with your proper address.

If your order has been shipped out already, we apologize. There is nothing we can do in regards to refunds or resending packages.

You can try calling your local postal service and with your tracking number that was emailed to try and get them to re-route the package. Since we ship from overseas you will need to wait until the package has entered your country before being able to re-route the shipment.

Privacy Policy

We at HealthResource4uStore follow the industry’s best practices and make sure our store follows the current laws set for E-commerce.

If you provide us with your credit card information, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with AES-256 encryption. Although no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, we follow all PCI-DSS requirements and implement additional generally accepted industry standards.

No, No employee or owner at HealthResource4uStore is able to see your credit card or payment information.

We use PayPal as the payment provider and so all credit card information remains with PayPal only.

All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of credit card information by our store and its service providers.

For more insight, you may also want to read how PayPal use credit card information to process transaction.


Chargeback and Disputes With HealthResource4uStore

If you place a chargeback with your credit card company (on purpose or by mistake) for any order that you placed and received, there will be a $30.00 USD research fee charged to your account upon receiving the chargeback by our merchant provider to cover our investigative expenses to prove that you did make the purchase.

HealthResource4uStore does not tolerate credit card fraud, and all fraud, without exception, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, we will pursue civil legal action seeking any loss of income related to the fraud, including business, legal fees, research costs, employee downtime, and loss of revenues.

HealthResource4uStore considers credit card chargebacks to be fraud if you have made no reasonable effort to work with us to resolve any problems with your purchase. All frivolous chargebacks not only cost our employees time away from our usual and customary matters of conducting normal business but cost us money, therefore:

You agree that if you, the buyer, choose to do business with HealthResource4uStore , and you file a chargeback with your credit card company, and you do not win the chargeback argument, you agree to pay us $35 for our time responding to the matter. You, the buyer authorize us to charge this amount to your credit card. If this charge is rejected, HealthResource4uStore will pursue legal action to recoup losses for our time associated with responding to the chargeback in addition to any other fees explained above. You agree to reimburse us or any representative we may appoint for any legal expenses your actions may make us incur. We take fraud seriously. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The waiver of a breach hereunder does not waive any other or subsequent breach.

In the event that you win the chargeback with your credit card company, and have not returned our goods, HealthResource4uStore will attempt to recover fraudulently disputed charges plus additional costs via a third-party collection agency and your account will be reported to all credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account. This may severely damage your credit rating for at least the next seven (7) years. At this point, we will no longer accept a return of the merchandise as settlement for the debt and will only accept payment in full. In addition to this, HealthResource4uStore will file a report with your local police or sheriffs department, and file a mail fraud complaint with the Postal Inspection Service.

Question Not Answered? Contact us!

Please note: Emailing more than once will push your email to the back of the support queue. Meaning, the more you email, the longer it will take to get a response.
We will answer your email within 24 hours.

Order cancellation emails will be responded to first. See the above FAQ for information on Cancelling orders. 

If you have any questions our customer care team are here as always. You can reach them by emailing [email protected]